This November’s Ballot

by John Kiljan

It’s looking like this November’s ballot is going to be one of the most contentious in recent memory for Arvada voters.  In addition to a presidential election where both candidates have high disapproval ratings, there will be well-contested Congressional and State races along with a slew of a ballot issues.


It’s that last category that will require the most thought by voters.  They are likely to include:  healthcare insurance for all Colorado residents, an amendment to make it harder to propose State constitutional amendments, physician-assisted suicide, a really big Jeffco school tax increase, renewing the existing cultural tax that provides much of the Arvada Center’s operating budget, increasing the Colorado minimum wage, and maybe some others I’ve forgotten about.

And the City of Arvada may have a couple of its own ballot issues.  One may make it easier to provide broadband services in the City in the future.  And there may be a second one to increase taxes to keep up the City’s pavements and to ease congestion.  Look for another post on that last item.

It’s a lot for responsible voters to think about.  And it is good to get started with that thinking now to avoid the temptation to just vote against everything you are not sure about when you mail in your ballot in late October.  Here’s a link to an article on one of those upcoming ballot issues.  It’s on the proposal to allow physician-assisted suicide.

I don’t want to clutter up with a lot of article link postings, but look for more article links on upcoming ballot issues on the CLRC’s Facebook page as we move toward November.  The link for that Facebook page if you want to bookmark it is

and here is the link to the right to die issue,

5 August 2016

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